Buying a Golden Retriever

Remember before you make the all important decision of Buying a Golden Retriever please download these two documents and do your research. A Golden Retriever has a lifespan of up to 15-17 years of age, make sure that this breed is suitable for your lifestyle and your family.

We strongly recommend you download the 2 documents below before purchasing a puppy.

» Buying a Golden Retriever Puppy.doc (Word Document)

» Choosing a Golden Retriever (Word Document)

Remember it is important to find an ethical breeder as unfortunately all registered breeders NOT ETHICAL.


The following information has been provided by Dogs Queensland.

On the subject of puppies and breeding I was very happy to read this latest article in the April edition of the UK Kennel Gazette. Lucy’s Law (click on button below) will have the effect of stopping the sale of puppies in pet shops. Under our rule 26  our breeders have a limited right to sell dogs and puppies to “resellers”. Although our breeders must make the welfare of the puppy a primary obligation, I am of the view that we should only be selling our puppies directly to well screened individuals and families. I have a real problem with puppy farming and the sale of puppies in pet shops. I expect this is shared by many of you. 

In a recent radio interview I was able to emphasise the experience of our breeders and the high level of care and socialisation our puppies receive. This is just one good point of differentiation between our breeders and someone with no breed background who spends 5 minutes online getting a BIN number and says they are a registered breeder. I am also interested in encouraging and facilitating the mentoring of newer Dogs Queensland breeders by the more experienced breeders in our ranks. All food for thought and discussion.

I hope you and your families are staying well and coping with the current challenges. It is important that we stay in touch with each other and look forward to the good times ahead. 

Ulla Greenwood



Also please take into consideration the following

Do not buy a Puppy from a Pet Store, Internet, Markets or Back Yard Breeder. Puppies supplied to Pet Stores come from Puppy Farms or Back Yard Breeders whose only intention is to make money, not to improve the breed. Imagine the conditions under which some of these dogs lives. Females are bred non-stop to make unscrupulous breeders rich! This is the daily suffering pet shop owners either do not understand or do not want you to see. How to solve this problem? The answer is quite simple – do not buy a dog from a Pet Store.

Legislation is never as powerful as the consumer. If you won’t buy because you don’t agree with the business practices then the business owner has no choice at all. Change or go out of business. If you buy, even if its because you feel sorry for the puppy, you are directly responsible for creating the demand to put more puppies in the same situation. The pet shop owner is not to blame. You are. You create the demand. You prove by your actions what business practices you support. Your words mean nothing. Your money is everything to the business decision. Choose wisely

Any responsible breeder will be only too pleased to let you see not only the particular puppy in which you may be interested, but the whole litter, as well as the parents.

If you are not allowed to see the mother and other puppies in the litter please do not purchase a puppy from this kind of breeder.

DO NOT accept picking the puppy up from anyone but the breeder. 

Insist on seeing their living environment – this should give you insight into how the puppies are housed and raised. If they do not let you see where the puppies are kept, they are hiding something.

You are better to wait for the right puppy then to buy from the wrong person…………

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