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The following information has been provided by Dogs Queensland in relation to buying as puppy.

On the subject of puppies and breeding I was very happy to read this latest article in the April edition of the UK Kennel Gazette. Lucy’s Law (click on button below) will have the effect of stopping the sale of puppies in pet shops. Under our rule 26  our breeders have a limited right to sell dogs and puppies to “resellers”. Although our breeders must make the welfare of the puppy a primary obligation, I am of the view that we should only be selling our puppies directly to well screened individuals and families. I have a real problem with puppy farming and the sale of puppies in pet shops. I expect this is shared by many of you. 

In a recent radio interview I was able to emphasise the experience of our breeders and the high level of care and socialisation our puppies receive. This is just one good point of differentiation between our breeders and someone with no breed background who spends 5 minutes online getting a BIN number and says they are a registered breeder. I am also interested in encouraging and facilitating the mentoring of newer Dogs Queensland breeders by the more experienced breeders in our ranks. All food for thought and discussion.

I hope you and your families are staying well and coping with the current challenges. It is important that we stay in touch with each other and look forward to the good times ahead. 

Ulla Greenwood



The Golden Retriever Club was formed to promote the general improvement of the quality, breeding, exhibiting and working of Golden Retrievers. To educate, encourage, assist and instruct members, breeders and exhibitors in all matters concerning Golden Retrievers.


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Objectives of The Golden Retriever Club of Queensland

1.To ENCOURAGE the general improvement of the quality, breeding, exhibiting and working of Golden Retrievers.

2. To EDUCATE members, breeders and exhibitors to EMPOWER them in all matters concerning Golden Retrievers.

3.To ENSURE the Club conducts Shows, Open Shows and Obedience Trials and hold fixtures as permitted by the Canine Control Council of Queensland.

4. To ENCOURAGE good fellowship and sportsmanship amongst owners of Golden Retrievers, including the use of social media and in all levels of communication.

5. To EMBRACE public interest in Golden Retrievers.

6. That The Golden Retriever Club of Queensland Inc. should ENCOURAGE Breeders through EDUCATION to recognise all serious defects in the breed, and ENTRUST that their members will make realistic ENDEAVOURS to improve the overall quality of the Golden Retriever in terms of TYPE, CONFORMATION, TEMPERAMENT and HEREDITARY ABNORMALITIES.




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Please check our Breeders Directory. Also make sure you read this document Before Buying a Golden Retriever. This gives you useful information on finding an ethical breeder.