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Championship Show is an exhibition of registered dogs at which Best of Breed and Challenge Certificates are awarded. A Best of Breed and Challenge Certificate evidences the number of points awarded at the fixture towards the title of Australian Champion. At these shows only qualified judges officiate.

An Open Show is an exhibition of registered dogs at which no Best of Breed or Challenge points are awarded, but dogs which have been awarded the title of Australian Champion may compete. At these shows trainee judges officiate and it is considered the training ground for all young dogs and owners. It is particularly good to help socialise your dog as you may show your puppy from the age of three months.

Your monthly Canine Control Council of Qld magazine, contains a listing of dog shows, the Golden Retriever Club of Qld Newsletter will include a schedule of upcoming specialty shows.  This information is also available from the Canine Control Council of Qld website under Shows. This gives the date, day of the week, the name of the club conducting the show, the venue, the time judging commences and also the month in which the show schedule was published in the Gazette.

The show schedule provides all the information that the beginner, and indeed the veteran, needs. In addition to the above items, it sets out the names of the judges, entry fees, admission prices, judging times and sequence, catering arrangements and a wealth of other information. Admission is generally free.

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Official Show Entry Form (PDF) Click to Download


A dog show is divided into several classes which are based on either age of exhibit or prior qualifications. The following are the specifications of classes approved for show fixtures. Please note where separate classes are provided for each sex, the class numbers for bitches are followed by the letter ‘a’, i.e. Baby Puppy Bitch Class 1a.

Class 1 Baby Puppy – for dogs of three and under six months of age.

Class 2 Minor Puppy – for dogs of six and under nine months of age.

Class 3 Puppy – for dogs of six and under twelve months of age.

Class 4 Junior – for dogs of nine and under eighteen months of age.

Class 5 Intermediate – for dogs of eighteen months and under thirty-six months of age.

Class 10 Australian Bred – for dogs six months of age or over whelped (born) in Australia.

Class 11 Open – for dogs six months of age or over.

Class 12 Veteran – for dogs aged between 7-10 years of age

Class 18 – Open Neuter – for neuter dogs aged six (6) months or over.
(Neuters do NOT compete with entire dogs.  They are in a separate class and gain points in the same way to become Neuter Champions and Neuter Grand Champions.  Neuters must be added to a separate register.  Please contact your local State Canine controlling body for details)

How to enter an exhibit in a dog show

When you have read the schedule you will note a number of important features of the show are quoted:

• the date of the fixture

• the type of fixture, Championship Show, Open Show

• the judge or judges officiating

• the name and address of the Kennel Club Secretary to whom the entries should be sent

• the closing date of entry

• the classes offered for the breeds

and many more other matters pertinent to the show

If you are lodging an entry form for your first show we recommend you seek advice and assistance from an experience person, maybe the person from whom you purchased your puppy or any club committee member. Once you decide on the fixture in which you wish to enter, you will need to do the following:

Complete an official entry form. These may be purchased from the Canine Control Council office. Entry forms are printed in easy ‘cheque book’ style with a butt to provide a record of your entry for future reference. Also a booklet of entry forms preprinted with your dog’s details may be obtained, for a small charge, and this will save you writing out the same details every time that you enter a show.

If you have a booklet of blank forms complete the entry form in ink in block letters or in type ensuring all the information entered in the appropriate places is correct. We recommend you copy the information direct from the registration certificate.

When you have completed filling out the entry form and are satisfied all the details entered therein are correct, place the entry form in an envelope addressed to the Show Secretary as shown in the schedule along with a remittance (cheque or money order) covering the entry fee and purchase of the show catalogue which comprises a programme of all dogs entered in the show under their respective breeds and classes, a standard size stamped, self addressed envelope for return of exhibit number or acknowledgement of receipt of entries and payment of the show catalogue.

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