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 GRCQ Constitution July 1995

 GRCQ Constitution Incorporated Affiliates

1.To ENCOURAGE the general improvement of the quality, breeding, exhibiting and working of Golden Retrievers.

2. To EDUCATE members, breeders and exhibitors to EMPOWER them in all matters concerning Golden Retrievers.

3.To ENSURE the Club conducts Shows, Open Shows and Obedience Trials and hold fixtures as permitted by the Canine Control Council of Queensland.
4. To ENCOURAGE good fellowship and sportsmanship amongst owners of Golden Retrievers, including the use of social media and in all levels of communication.
5. To EMBRACE public interest in Golden Retrievers.
6. That The Golden Retriever Club of Queensland Inc. should ENCOURAGE Breeders through EDUCATION to recognise all serious defects in the breed, and ENTRUST that their members will make realistic ENDEAVOURS to improve the overall quality of the Golden Retriever in terms of TYPE, CONFORMATION, TEMPERAMENT and HEREDITARY.

7) GRCQ Code of Ethics (PDF)

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Current Committee 2023-2024

President – Paul Landy

Vice Presidents – Karen Shield & Kirilee Hailwood

Secretary/Show Secretary – Karen Vowell

Treasurer – Dawne Morgan

Committee – Shayne Careless, Lesley Lowe, Cheree Pattison, Teagan Pattison, Rachael Ritter and Linda Hintz

Trophy Steward – Lesley Lowe

National Breed Council Delegate – Paul Landy

Property Manager – Shayne Careless

Website Manager – Kirilee Hailwood

Newsletter Editor – Kerry Campbell


Life Members

Mrs C Clubb

Mr S Careless

Miss C Ryan

Mrs K Vowell

Honour Roll

Mrs J Stephens

Mrs S Stephenson

Mrs B Stewart

Mr E Phillipson

Mrs H Phillipson

Mrs E Dodd

Mrs S Sullivan

Mr D McKittrick

Mrs L Hailwood