Obedience Results

Golden Retriever Club of Qld (inc) Restricted Obedience Trial
11th July, 2009
Judges – Mr Laurie Knauth & Miss Lisa Knauth

On behalf of the Golden Retriever Club I would like to thank Ray and Marie Sapwell, Rosalynn Fergusson and Joseph Casabella as they were the brave volunteers to be stewards for our closed obedience trial. Many thanks to the above, without people like you a trial would not exist.

The judges for the evening were Laura Knauth and Lawrie Knauth – a lovely father and daughter team. Laura judged UDX, Novice and CCD in ring one and Lawrie in ring two judges UD and Open.

Although not a huge entry this year - three dogs in UDX, five in UD, six in Open, one in Novice and four in CCD it was a warm and friendly atmosphere.
There were lots of laughter, disappointments and some tears shed. In the UDX ring Obedience Champion Redaspingold Tesstinella (Tess) made her final appearance in the obedience ring. This grand old lady at twelve years of age gave a lovely performance to gain first place.

The UD ring saw some newies and although these dogs looked green their performance was more than spectacular. The class clown would have to be Tristalee Beat the Odds CDX ET (Loki), his performance was very comical and you could tell it was his first time in the UD ring. Euraidd Onenightstand CCD CDX (Yogi) at only two years of age does wonders for the breed on showing how much intelligence the golden has, as much must be accomplished to be able to compete in the UD ring.

In the Open class after everyone had finished their exercises the score board showed there were only one /two points separating all six competitors, until that dreaded three minute sit stay out of sight exercise. Only three made it through to the final for the five minute down out of sight but little miss Shogold Spirit Moondust decided no way was she going to be laying down next to a boy on either side so got up and took a few steps forward.

Novice class saw a lovely workout from Goanna Gold Storm (Zack) but the grounds had a lovely smell and Zack got a little distracted at times.
CCD – our up and coming champions. Congratulations must go to first and second place winners, Sarrawyn Hudson whom I believe it was the first time in the ring for both dog and handler and Tifador Princess Grace who gained her CCD title.


Aust Champ Obed Champ Wysiwyg Colorado Avlanch UD ET

Goldeema Legend Of Angus CCD CD

UDX (no qualifiers)
1. OC Redaspingold Tesstinella UD; ET
2. Dual Champ Wysiwyg Colorado Avlanch UD; ET
3. Euraidd Toast N Vegemite UD

UD (1 qualifier)
1. Dual Champ Wysiwyg Colorado Avlanch UD; ET (193)
2. Buffalo Rustic Memories CDX
3. Euraidd Onenightstand CCD CDX

OPEN ( 1 qualifier)
1. Dual Champ Wysiwyg Colorado Avlanch UD; ET (191)
2. Tristalee Beat The Odds CDX; ET
3. Anntanas Gold Navarre CDX

NOVICE (no qualifiers)
1. Goanna Gold Storm CCD

CCD (2 qualifiers)
1. Sarrawyn Hudson
2. Tifador Princess Grace
3. Goldsnow Queen Of Hearts

1998 Obedience Winner of Winners
2005 Obedience Dog of the Year

Autumnglow Doohan Okae CDX "Ruben"

19/9/93 - 02/11/2007

Tristalee Beat The Odds CDX ET


2009 Obedience Winner of Winners

Aust Champ Obed Champ Wysiwyg Colorado Avlanch UD ET


2008 Obedience Winner of Winners - OC Redaspingold Tesstinella UD ET


2007 Obedience Winner of Winners - OC Redaspingold TesstinellaUDET


2006 Obedience Winner of Winners

Aust Champ Obed Champ Wysiwyg Colorado Avlanch UD ET