2006 Obedience Trial - 16th July, 2006

3 entries in Utility but no qualifiers -
1st Fergusson’s Ch Wysiwyg Colorado Avlanch UD ET N.Q.
2nd Young’s OCh Impressa Dream Flame N.Q.
3rd Holmes’ Suardoo Locutus CDX N.Q.

8 entries in Open and only 1 qualifier -
1st. Westmore’s Buffalo Rustic Memories CDX - 187
2nd Hamilton’s Ch Caylana Dealers Choice CD N.Q.
3rd Fergusson’s Merrireve Liv’n on the Edge CD N.Q.
Holmes’ Suardoo Locutus CDX N.Q.
Fergusson’s Ch Wysiwyg Colorado Avlanch UD ET
Tanfield’ Tristalee Beat the Odds CD N.Q.
Bulke’s Anntanas Gold Indiana CD N.Q.
Holmes’ Suardoo Taasha Yar CD AD N.Q.

5 entries in Novice and only 1 qualifier -
1st Kettle’s Anntanas Gold Navarre - 177 and C.D. Title
2nd Stephan’s Cool Gold Ruby Rose N.Q.
3rd Bulke’s Anntanas Gold Jewel N.Q.
Holmes/Mackenzie Shogold Lincoln N.Q.
Russell’s Shogold Spirit Moondust N.Q.

9 entries in C.C.D. with 4 qualifiers
1st Westmore’s Buffalo Rustic Scotsman - 97/100
2nd Fergusson’s Savaneta Worth the Wait (ai) - 95
3rd Qualischefski’s Coombehill Cooper Pedy - 95
4th Holmes’ Suardoo Kirra Nerys - 92
Kinnane’s Coombehill Just Bruce N.Q.
Ryan’s Braeayron Butterbear N.Q.
Eru’s Tristalee Golden Ramaru N.Q.
Prouten’s Imatriever Prideof Duart N.Q.
Bulke’s Anntanas Gold Krystal N.Q.

Photos Courtesy of Alison Prouten

Obedience Winner of Winners

at the 2006 GRCQ Inc Restricted Trial - 16th July, 2006