In August 1971 a group of twenty people all sharing a common bond – the love of Golden Retrievers – met to discuss the formation of a Club in Qld.  Application was made to the Canine Control Council (Qld) and permission to begin as a Social Club was granted.  The first meeting was held on 9th September, 1971, with 42 members present.

After operating as a Social Club for three very successful years, the Club became affiliated with the CCC in 1974, and later, in 1996, became Incorporated.

In those early times there was little recognition of the Breed, so one of the first aims was to promote public interest in Golden Retrievers.  In this, again, the Club was hugely successful and numbers grew.

The Inaugural  Parade was held on 28th September 1974 at Brookfield Showgrounds there were 85 entries, which showed the overwhelming response from both within and outside the dog world, and the Goldens present showed the strength and quality that was now in the breed. A surviving catalogue and the critique given by the Judge (Mr. P Cousins) are reminders that some of the Goldens exhibited on that day went on to great successes.

The first Championship Show was held on 27th July 1975, again at Brookfield, with Mrs. M. Evans (Vanrose) from New Zealand officiating as judge, and an entry of 70 entries.  Again, the strength of the breed was evident, the progeny of the great sires and dams of the time proved their worth then and later, and the breed became dominant in the show ring.

Field Trials were organised and run successfully, although regretfully they eventually ceased and more emphasis was placed on Conformation Shows. Importantly, Obedience Trials are held in conjunction with the Conformation Shows.

The 10th Anniversary Show was held in July 1985 with an entry of 150 Goldens, with Mrs. Lucille Sawtell (Yeo Kennels) UK, as judge: a testimony of the strength and development of the Club.

Plans are now under way for the Club to prepare for the running of its second National in 2011, following the great success of its staging of the first.

The Club has a Recovery Service which is devoted to finding new homes for those Goldens who may be in need of them, and produces a monthly Newsletter which keeps members informed of Club activities and which publishes articles of interest.

The aims of the Club are to promote the welfare of the Breed and to improve the quality of all aspects of the Golden Retriever.

Below is more stories about the Club’s History 
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 The Social Side – Early Memories

GRCQ Inc 1st Parade 1974 Catalogue – PDF

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GRCQ Inc 1st Championship Show 1975 Catalogue – PDF

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