GRCQ Breeders Directory

The GRCQ Inc accepts no responsibility for puppies purchased through this listing. Breeders on our list have been members for at least 2 consecutive years.

Breeder Directory $10 (Website Only). This must be paid with Annual Membership. To apply for the Breeders Directory, members must have had 2 years consecutive membership.


Breeders Directory/Membership Form (PDF)

All purchases must be negotiated with the breeder and the buyer.

The GRCQ makes no judgements about the parents, their features, temperament or hereditary tests.

When you go to see the puppies they should be healthy, well socialised, well cared for, and their environment clean.

Information regarding the sire and dam’s current Hip, Eye and Heart Certificates should be available upon request.

The dam and sire should have good temperament.

Both the sire and the dam of the puppies have hip and elbow grading scheme certificates.

Both the sire and dam of the puppies have current eye certificates.

Both the sire and dam of the puppies have clear heart certificates.

Club members are obliged to abide by club’s code of ethics.

Please read the information Buying a Golden Retriever thoroughly, and make sure a Golden Retriever is a suitable breed for your family and lifestyle.


Unfortunately there are Registered Breeders who are NOT ETHICAL.

The breeder’s lack of knowledge about the breed.

The breeder’s lack of knowledge about genetic defects in the breed or assertions that the tests aren’t necessary.

The breeder doesn’t allow you to observe the puppies or adults or to see their kennels they bring the dog out the front for you to see. Or they say they will meet you up the road, ie like a Service Station or another town.

No documentation or pedigree or breeders refuse to show the Hip/Elbow Scores, Heart & Eye Certificates. A ethical breeder should supply you with a book with copies of both parents pedigree, hip/elbow scores, eyes and heart certificate, diet sheet and general information on the Golden Retriever.

No involvement in activities such as showing, obedience, tracking or retrieving.



Phone Number

Email Address


Queensland Government Breeder Identification Number

Akhiri Kirilee Hailwood


Alubyc Karen & Bill Vowell




Paul Landy    4100163175


Samara & Robert Hill 0417 740 418 4100173155



Danielle Hall

 0407 459 929


(call after 7pm and before 8.30pm)   4100032276 



Shayne & Maree Careless 0403 589 889

Goldempress Michelle Kleinschmidt 4100149992
Wembury Lesley Lowe

Ayaimah Karen Shield 4100236163
Mourlin Court Sheryl McCarthy 0409066709 4100222717
Goldivine Geoff & Rachael Ritter 4100222617