The Golden Retriever Club was formed to promote the general improvement of the quality, breeding, exhibiting and working of Golden Retrievers. To educate, encourage, assist and instruct members, breeders and exhibitors in all matters concerning Golden Retrievers.


GRCQ Championship Show Results

2015 Championship Show Results & Critque 12th July 2015 - Judge Natasha Ryan (WA)


GRCQ Open Show Results


2015 Open Show Results - Judge Mrs Karen Vowell (Qld)


Memberships Renewals & AGM

Membership renewals are due by August 31 2015.

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GRCQ Code of Ethics

GRCQ Code of Ethics PDF


Objectives of The Golden Retriever Club of Qld


1.To ENCOURAGE the general improvement of the quality, breeding, exhibiting and working of Golden Retrievers.

2. To EDUCATE members, breeders and exhibitors to EMPOWER them in all matters concerning Golden Retrievers.

3.To ENSURE the Club conducts Shows, Open Shows and Obedience Trials and hold fixtures as permitted by the Canine Control Council of Queensland.

4. To ENCOURAGE good fellowship and sportsmanship amongst owners of Golden Retrievers, including the use of social media and in all levels of communication.

5. To EMBRACE public interest in Golden Retrievers.

6. That The Golden Retriever Club of Queensland Inc. should ENCOURAGE Breeders through EDUCATION to recognise all serious defects in the breed, and ENTRUST that their members will make realistic ENDEAVOURS to improve the overall quality of the Golden Retriever in terms of TYPE, CONFORMATION, TEMPERAMENT and HEREDITARY ABNORMALITIES.



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Looking for a Golden Retriever Puppy

Please check our Breeders Directory. Also make sure you read this document Before Buying a Golden Retriever. This gives you useful information on finding an ethical breeder.


Golden Retrievers Research First Century in the Show Ring

There are a great many books written by experts on the subject of animal husbandry. This book was envisaged as a companion to those books with the purpose of presenting a wider body of knowledge on the Golden Retriever and its history.
The first aim was to produce a document on the development of the Golden Retriever, from the original dog purchased by Lord Tweedmouth in Brighton, England to what can be seen in the show ring around the world today. The second aim was to raise funds to assist with research into inherited diseases of the Golden Retriever.

Written by Marilynn Morphet this book is for any Golden Retriever enthusiast.

Copies are limited so go to or order your copy now. Fantastic Christmas gift.



2011 Golden Retriever National 14th-17th June, 2011

The Golden Retriever Club of Queensland Incorporated would like to thank everyone that supported our Club at the recent National. It was a huge success. Congratulations to all the winners.

»For National Results and Photos Click Here


Click Here to see some results and photos